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    Idea: Hike & Recyke
    This was Bethany Mitch's idea. Go out on a hike somewhere in this beautiful city and bring a bag. Along the way you'll probably see some trash. Pick it up! Recycle what you can! Repeat. 
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    Idea: Visit another MPLS
    Allison Brink had an idea. In this big city, most of us tend to live in our own little bubbles. So once a month, go to a grocery store you've never been to before. Check out a neighborhood you've never been to. Talk to someone you wouldn't otherwise.
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    Idea: Fix it
    Ian Simpson thought of this. See some graffiti you don't like? Buy some graffiti remover. See a bench overturned? Turn over the bench. A can in the street? Pick up the can. Once every two weeks, see something you can fix - big or small. Fix it.
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    Idea: Cement houses
    This was an idea by Nick to help address affordable housing. Cement is cheap, extremely insulated, and incredibly durable. Cement houses could practically be built turnkey, offering new lodging at low costs.
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    Idea: Inspire kindness
    A beautiful idea from Nancy Simpson. Every three days, do something kind for a stranger. Hold a door. Shovel a sidewalk. Scrape a window. Buy a coffee. Volunteer. Anything that might make someone go, "Huh. Maybe I'll do that too."

The Idea Party
The idea behind the Idea Party (see what I did there?) is pretty much all there right in the name. It puts the task of coming up with creative solutions in all of our hands to help make this city and community the best they can be.

It's not about being democrat or republican or some other word that doesn't mean anything. Identify something that needs solving, and think of solves.

Below are a few we've started with. Got one of your own? Send it to ideapartyMPLS@gmail.com! As long as it's not actually psychotic, we'll post with your credit.